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“Lassy on kasvanut säveltäjänä ja bändinjohtajana, jonka kuulee Movesin hiotuissa detaljeissa.”
Arttu Seppänen, KSML, May 2018
(“Lassy has grown as a composer and bandleader, which can be heard in the refined détails” Arttu Seppänen, KSML, May 2018)

“Epäilyksille ei jää sijaa…..albumi liikkuu ja vetää ensi tahdeista alkaen puoleensa kuin teollisuuspölynimuri. Se kuulostaa suurella sydämellä ja huolellisella harkinnalla tehdyltä ja silti spontaanilta niin kuin eläväisen jazzlevyn tuleekin…..Svengin kutsua ei voi vastustaa.” Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan Kansa, May 2018
(“No doubt about it……the album moves and blows like an industrial vacuum cleaner from the very first bars. You can hear it is made with a big heart , and with careful consideration and yet it is spontaneous as living jazz should be…….The call of swing is irresistible.” Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan Kansa, May 2018)

“Denn auf seinem sechsten Album „Moves“ erzählen, seufzen und lachen der Finne und sein Tenorsaxofon in so mensch-instrumentaler Einheit, als seien die Tenortöne die Wörter” Der Sterne April 2018
(“On his sixth album „Moves“ the Finn and his sax talk, sigh, laugh in such human-instrumental unity, as if the tenor-tones were words.” Der Sterne April 2018)

“He’s a Finnish saxophonist who makes funky soul-jazz recordings that never conform to the quietly introspective Nordic stereotype. There’s a broadening of the palettte – and a slight dipping of energy levels – as his quintet teams up with guests including Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass” Clive Davis, The Sunday Times, April 2018

“Eine Einspielung, die wie eine Quintessenz bisherigen Schaffens und wie ein vorläufiger Schlusspunkt samt Ausblick wirkt – eingespielt mit großartigem Sound, in spannenden Arrangements sowie mit zahlreichen Weggefährten und Freunden als Gästen. Die “Moves” zu einem Album mit starken Wurzeln in der Jazztradition machen, das mit zahlreichen Anleihen in der afro-amerikanischen Pop-Moderne allerdings deutliche eigene Akzente setzt.” Thomas Haak,, April 2018
(“A recording that acts as a quintessence of the previous work and also as a preliminary closing point with a view – recorded with great sound, in exciting arrangements as well as with numerous companions and friends as guests. All of which makes “Moves” an album with strong roots in the jazz tradition, which, however, sets its own distinctive accents with its many bonds in Afro-American pop modernism.” Thomas Haak,, April 2018)

“Timo Lassy syventää ilmaisuaan uudella viiden tähden levyllään, jolla on vähemmän vetävää soulia ja enemmän syvää jazzia” Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat, April 2018
(“On the new 5 star album Timo Lassy broadens his expression with less seductive soul and more deep jazz.” Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat, April 2018)

“….ylipäätään pidempikestoisia kaaria, joissa Lassy saattoi nousta solistina ylväämmälle tasolle.Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat, March 2018
(“…all in all longer lasting spans during which Lassy rose to a sublime level”. Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat, March 2018)

“Timo Lassy Band tarjosi mykistävää jazzia, joka onnistui kuulostamaan yhtä aikaa sekä syvästi traditionaaliselta että täysin ajattomalta ja vapaalta.” Jussi Niemi, Aamulehti, March 2017
(“Timo Lassy Band offered astonishing jazz which at the same time sounds deeply traditional and completely timeless and free”, Jussi Niemi, Aamulehti, March 2017)

“His finger-snapping brand of bop aims for head and heart”
Love Bullet in TOP 10 Jazz Albums for 2015 – The Sunday Times December 2015

“This is a big city cat exploring the tenement he knows so well.”
(Andrew Cartmel) London Jazz News August 2015

“It’s accessible music, yet it’s the work of erudite and gifted musicians”
(SH) Hi Fi News September 2015

“Saxophoniste finlandais très populaire dans son pays, Timo Lassy cherche à séduire un large public par un jazz funky et facile. Rythmes latinos, nappes d’orgue enveloppantes, saxophone ténor soufflant des notes chaudes et suaves la recette n’est pas neuve. Lassy reste toutefois un improvisateur fort capable”
(PDC) Jazz Magazine July 2015

“On pourrait croire qu’il s’agit d’un disque de jazz venu de L’Amerique insouciante et joyeuse des années 60.”
“On imagine cette formation doit réchauffer les longues périodes nocturnes hivernales de son froid pays.” June 2015

“Lassy has a knack of coming up with brisk hooks and vamps…”
“…when the tempo heats up, the band are irresistible.”
(CD) The Sunday Times June 2015

“Timo Lassy band is cool and vigorous in the studio and on the other hand hot and rambling live act which literally makes the audience move.”
(Harri Uusitorppa) Helsingin Sanomat  June 2015

“[…] kaum lässt sich ein kalt-nasser Dezemberabend besser verbringen als mit wie geölt fließendem, positive
Stimmung verströmendem Soul Jazz und Hard Bop allererster Güte […]”
(Christoph Giese) JazzThetik December 2015

“…ein Album [“Love Bullet”], das so viel Sisu im Stammbaum hat dass man gar keinen Winter braucht, um die vom ihm auströmende Wärme zu verstehen.”
(Ralf Dombrowski) Jazzthing June 2015

“Timo Lassy (Saxophon), der sein Instrument wie kaum ein anderer beherrscht, sorgte mit seinem gefühlvollem Soli auf tiefster Seele für fesselnde und spannende Momente.”
(Nils Habich) Aargauer Zeitung CH August 2015

“Sein groovender Jazz steckt voller Seele, ist geschult an Klassikern wie Hank Mobley und drängt seit Jahren auf die Tanzfläche. Lassy stellt seine atemberaubende Virtuosität nicht aus. Der Mann bleibt cool. Und kocht auf heißer Flamme unwiderstehliche Songs. Love Bullet trifft ins Herz.”
(Andreas Müller) rbb radioeins May 2015

“Bei Lassy geht es auch so ziemlich heiß her, auch wenn sein Jazz „cool“ ist.”
“[…] der Mann kennt sich dazu hörbar im guten alten Hardbop aus, vor allem aber groovt er mächtig.”
(OC) Landeszeitung Lüneburg June 2015

“King of the Groove” * * * * *
Keskisuomalainen June 2015

“…it’s jazz and only jazz, and these cats love it like Rolling Stones loved rock n roll…”
“…gives one a permission to enjoy the music which is esspecially meant to be enjoyed.”
(Pauli Kallio) Soundi Magazine June 2015

“The boom continues”
(Seppo Lumikko) Kauppalehti Optio June 2015

“It’s [“Green pepper strut”] virtually a compact fifty year survey of popular jazz idioms, returning to its rhythm and blues roots as it wraps up.”
“Love Bullet presents wonderful soft cloud-of-sound sax from Lassy, alternately gorgeously gruff and beguilingly gossamer…”
“…splendid, noteworthy and deeply enjoyable album.”
(Andrew Cartmel) London Jazz News May 2015

“…[the album Love Bullet] is full-bodied, sure and traditional as blueberry pie.”
(MPJ) Gloria Magazine May 2015

Finnish Music Quarterly 01/2014: “For anyone who is under the impression that jazz has become a predominantly stuffy, over-mannered art form, Live With Lassy is a reminder of just how thrillingly entertaining it can be.”

Kauppalehti Optio 12/2013: “The high level of the whole album (Live With Lassy) is a proof of excellent timing of the musicians. Live With Lassy is a staggering display of expertise.”

HS 08/2013: “From the applause of the audience at the end of the concert you could really hear that the performance of Timo Lassy Band touched the crowd. With an exceptional way.”

HS 02/2013: “Timo Lassy’s power of expression has advanced to an impressive level and his tenor sounds, even at its the wildest, exceptionally beautiful.”

Sunday Times 12/2012: (In With Lassy) “An exhilarating workout from one of Europe’s sharpest bands.”

Image 10/2012: (In With Lassy) ***** ”Best jazz is not elitistic, but music for each moment: morning coffee, background music while working, or for dancing. Lassy does the trick everywhere, and that is why it is currently best jazz music both nationally and internationally.”

Kauppalehti 08/2012: (In With Lassy) ***** ”At best the record feels like crashing on a cotton wool coated sofa after having a rough day.”

Salon Sanomat 04/2012: “Top-notch, really”

HS 11/09: ” ‘Ya dig?’ asks the singer José James, who is featuring on two songs on Lassy’s second record. The answer seems obvious: ‘Yeah, most def.’ ”

HBL 09/09: ”Most wonderful music, in fact.”

Rytmi 06/09: ***** ”Timo Lassy takes a win by KO in the second round. Round Two is a close to perfect compilation of souljazz drifting towards the 60’s”

Kauppalehti Optio 06/2007: “Top-notch” “The debut of Timo Lassy The Soul and Jazz of Timo Lassy is an excellent hard bop album and one of the best Finnish jazz recordings in a really long time. The album is at the same time both extremely ambitious and really easily accessible. Danceable and enjoyable.”

NYT 07/2007: **** (The Soul and Jazz of Timo Lassy) 06/07: “Timo Lassy’s lively, narrative, on baritone even preaching approach of playing combined to the swiching of moods and technical skills are sure to get the crowds going at the latest by he hits the first bars of his solo.”

Fly – Global Music Culture 02/06: “This record is a double AA without a doubt.” (African Rumble) 09/06: “In this country there is no other tenorist as soulful and immensely powerful as Lassy.”


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